He who knows much about others may be learned, but he who understands himself is more intelligent. He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still. - Lao-tse
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***The TRIM-LIFE® Program is specifically designed for people who have tried many diet programs and have discovered that diets don’t work. TRIM-LIFE® is taught by Wellness Institute professionals, therapists and medical personnel who have been trained to help them discover the underlying emotional eating issues that may have been plaguing them all of their lives.  Learn More

***If you are longing for more meaning in life Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) is for you. Perhaps you have wanted to experience more in life but you don't know how to reach it. You've been reading books and trying to find answers to some basic areas of interest:
  • What is your life-work/Soul Purpose?
  • Discover your own Spiritual Path
  • What are the "Life Lessons" you are here to work through  Learn More

***Counseling is a tool that helps you build the life you want.  Talking alone can be helpful, but learning specific tools and strategies to implement in day to day life is key to shifting feelings and experiences.  

All sessions are based on your needs and goals.  At the first session, we will review what has been going on and want you want to create in your life.  A plan for achieving your goals will be developed.  Talk therapy sessions are forty five minutes long, and arrangements can be made based on your needs if longer or shorter sessions are requested.  Hypnotherapy sessions are ninety minutes long.

Counseling is conducted using a strengths based approach.  There is nothing broken or damaged about you.  We often develop patterns that served us at one time but no longer serve us.  Methods from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral therapy and other models are reviewed, and customized tools are provided to help you reach the outcomes you desire in your life.  

Now accepting payment by credit card.