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St. Louis Counseling & Wellness

We believe counseling is a powerful tool to help you build the life you want. We take a holistic approach and draw upon numerous methods and frameworks to assist you in achieving your goals.


Feeling stuck?

It's time for a change.

St. Louis Counseling & Wellness is here to help you become your best self. We're a team of highly qualified therapists with decades of experience helping people just like you get unstuck and move forward in life. We're here to support you through the challenges you're facing —whether it's depression or anxiety, relationship issues, or something else entirely—so that you can achieve the goals that are important to you.


Teresa Kleffner (MSW, LCSW)

Teresa previously worked with more conventional models of healing, however, Teresa is now more focused on transcendence and spiritual work while still addressing ego issues.


Jennifer Lutker (M.Ed., LPC)

Jennifer offers guidance to figure out who we are and where we are headed, then supports us along the way as we find our best selves.


Susan Zumbro (MA, LPC)

Susan provides a safe and open place for you to explore your goals, work through challenges and learn new skills that can reduce anxiety and increase empowerment. 


A curated selection of life changing books by Soul Coach and Healer Teresa Kleffner, hand selected to aid you in your wellness journey.

More Resources

Informational and interactive handouts + worksheets on a wide range of topics including Communication, Co-Dependency, Emotions, Self Compassion, Stress, and more!


A hub of information on topics including the Brain, Depression, Sleep, Anxiety, Codependency, Grief, Parenting, and more!


Explore Deeper Healing

Teresa Kleffner, founder of St. Louis Counseling & Wellness, offers an array of classes and spiritual guidance as a Soul Coach at Dream Tree Healing. 

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