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About Us

St. Louis Counseling & Wellness has been proudly serving the greater St. Louis area since 2007. Meeting clients where they are and helping them develop a vision for where they want to be. 

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Our Story

St. Louis Counseling & Wellness (STLCW) was founded by Teresa Kleffner in 2007. The focus was to connect clients to resources and tools that could help them achieve their goals. Initially, Teresa primarily worked with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as the predominant tool for healing because clients experienced the most relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety. In 2013, Teresa received training in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (HCH) and began to incorporate this new method into her practice. The results were even more powerful than she imagined which led to the growth and bloom of STLCW.


Teresa started bringing in other therapists to serve clients alongside her. The treatment modalities used have continued to expand into conventional evidence-based therapies which are also supplemented by understanding the whole person and using more cutting edge technologies, such as The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnosis, and Guided Imagery. These tools are helping clients not only have symptom relief, but also achieve goals that they never thought they could before.

Our Therapists

Our Staff

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